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Watch Yoga Classes on TV

You may know very well about the yoga and may have seen on TV the trainer or yogi performing certain steps to rotate, bent or stretch the body in some way. Well this is actually the yoga. For those who don’t know about it, Yoga is a basically an art of training or practice where the body, mind and soul are being directed in some way to get health benefits. It is however not a sport but has some great benefits and help to stay fit. Yogi believes that starting your day with yoga instead of walk or exercise is will keep you more active and full of energy throughout the day.

This art of physical and mental training or practice was originated in India in almost 500 to 700 BC. This oldest form of fitness practices was mentioned in the books of Hinduism in Rigveda. Yoga is not only popular in Hinduism but is practices in Jainism and Buddhism as well. They have developed over time certain technique to calm down the body and mind and get inner peace.

Now in today era of technology, we are looking for facilities at home. So if you can hire a trainer, it is good to learn yoga from him at home. If not, you have to join an academy. The other option is to watch yoga classes on TV channels and perform the same way as the trainer do.

Here we have compiled a list of TV channels where you can watch yoga classes or show at home.

1. Vision TV Canada

Vision TV from Canada is the best TV channel to watch and learn yoga with. This channel broadcast live yoga shows in morning for the well-being.

namaste yoga tv

2. Namaste TV (India)

This Indian channel is best for Indian yoga lovers who wish to learn yoga via a qualified instructor at home on TV.

3. NDTV (India)

NDTV is another Indian channel to learn yoga with. This channel hired a qualified yogi who shows different yoga training techniques and their health benefits.

4. Yoga Today (Online)

Yoga Today is an online yoga TV channel where you can learn yoga techniques every day. You have to register there to have full access to their yoga resources such as classes, video and books. The site is not for free however and charges you as low as $15 per month.  They have a team of qualified yoga instructor and can schedule the class time according to your adjustment

5. MyZen TV

Myzen is another online TV channel for yoga classes where you can enroll to learn yoga with their step-by-step guide. My Zen TV announces to be the channel of wellbeing and has hosted over 350+ exercises / yoga technique.  They do Live broadcast the class on every Friday and Wednesday and archive previous classes.

6. Yogo TV

Not a Live channel but is great place to access to yoga videos.

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