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Best Cricket Balls to Buy


Fans of cricket do not only love to watch cricket, they love to play as well. Cricket is a simple game that can be played with a cricket ball which can be a hard ball made up of cork covered by leather or soft ball also known as tape ball or tennis ball. The first one, the Cork ball is used in A calls, international or domestic cricket while the tape ball is usually for indoor games or for training purpose. A good quality is however needed to get full from a ball. Here we will discuss the cricket ball used in international and domestic cricket and its main manufacturer


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Kookaburra Cricket Balls

One of the oldest manufacturer of cork cricket balls for international cricket. Kookaburra cricket balls are most durable and of premium quality that runs long. The size and weight of ball by this manufacturer totally comply with the international cricket standards and that is e 156g & 142g. Kookaburra makes three kinds of ball.

Turf Cricket Bal

The first ball made by this company was a Turf. This ball is made up of five layers of cork with leather cover tightly worn around the ball to give it the bounce and the shine. This ball is used in most of the cricket formats including the ODI format of cricket. The price of Turf cricket ball starts from $15 to the best one being sold at $150.

The other two are White cricket ball and Pink cricket ball

Dukes Cricket Balls

This UK based cricket accessories manufacturer is best at making fine quality cricket balls for international matches especially the Test matches. The company made a variety of cricket balls including the Coaching ball, Royal Crown, County Cricket international, Match ball, training balls and indoor ball.

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